Al Dhali’: Houthis bomb house, fighting renew – source

Al Dhali’: Houthis bomb house, fighting renew – source

The militants of the Houthi group and forces loyal to former president Saleh bombed on Monday a house of a prominent tribal leader in Juban district north of al Dhali’ province, southern Yemen.


A local source told Almasdaronline that the Houthis and allied forces bombed the house of Abdul Hakim al Omari in al Rabeatain region, after they had seized the area following two days of fierce battles against the Popular Resistance elements.


After seizing the area, the Houthi militias looted a number of houses and cars of ordinary citizens.”


On the other hand, fierce battles with heavy weapons had broken out between the pro-government forces and the Houthis-Saleh forces in al Soor mount of al Sher district. According to a source in the field.


The pro-government forces shelled the Houthis-Saleh forces’ sites in Suna munt and the hills overlooking al Athareb area of Baadan district. Added the source.


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