Houthis top media freedom violators in Yemen: report

Houthis top media freedom violators in Yemen: report

The Media Freedom Observatory of the Media and Economic Studies Centre announced on Sunday that 132 violations against media freedom were recorded during the first half of 2017, asserting that the Houthis are on top list of media freedom violators in Yemen.

The Observatory also confirmed that during this period the violations against the journalists and media institutions included murder, torture, suppressive practices, and deliberate and systematic targeting, in order to silence them.


In its semi-annual report, it pointed to an unprecedented incident committed by Houthis by sentencing journalist Yahya al-Jubeihi to death over his views and writings.


In addition to the death sentence against al Jubeihi, other journalists are suffering severe torture, some of whom had even lost his hearing and others became disabled because of the torture,” added the report.

Furthermore, it pointed out that the violations were committed in the provinces of Sana'a, Taiz, Aden, Hodeidah, Marib, Dhamar, Rima, Hadramout, Hajjah and Shabwah.


The parties responsible for the violations were the Houthi group, the Yemeni government, al-Qaeda, and some influential persons, and some violations were reported against unknowns. According to the report.


25 violations were committed by unknowns, 17 by the Yemeni government, 5 by influential persons, and one violation committed by each of al-Qaeda, the Arab Coalition forces and the presidency of Hodeida University. Added the report.


The report also stated that the Houthi group has ranked first committing 82 of the total violations during the first half of 2017.



The Observatory said that it had reported 941 violations between 2015 and June 2017 against media freedom in Yemen .

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