Houthis kill 4 children, wound others in Taiz

Houthis kill 4 children, wound others in Taiz

A local source told Almasderonline that four children, 12 years old Khalid Abdulkafi, 14 years old Nasr Mansour Ahmed Ghaleb, 7 years old Rayan Bader Ghaleb Ahmed Ghaleb, and 15 years old Issa Mohammed Abdo al Humiri, were killed and other civilians were wounded in the residential neighborhood of al Jahmaliya eastern Taiz city by the Houthis-Saleh forces shelling from al Salal and Softel hills in al Hoban area.



It is worth noting that a similar incident happened before two days of this one as three children were killed and nine others were wounded by the Houthis shelling on the neighborhoods of Shaib al Dobba, Souk al Sameel and Houd al Ashraf.

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