Taiz: patients suffer medicine depletion, smuggling abort

Taiz: patients suffer medicine depletion, smuggling abort

The government forces thwarted Wednesday an attempt to smuggle a medicine shipment for kidney failure patients from Taiz city, southwestern Yemen, to Ibb province.


A military source told Almasdaronline that al Hanjer checkpoint of the government forces stopped an attempt to smuggle the shipment from al Askery hospital, and found documents with the truck driver proving the incident.


Among the seized documents is a crossing permission issued by al Askery hospital director in Taiz and a memorandum issued by the governor of al Jahmaliya neighborhood reporting that the truck cargo is a luggage belonging to a citizen which is similar to the justification mentioned in a traffic statement issued by the security department of the Southwestern area. According to the source.


The source explained that the truck driver covered the medicine shipment with household utensils, grapes, and personal luggage for camouflage.


He pointed out that the government forces are holding the truck with its driver and continuing the investigations, and the results will be announced once it finished.


The source said that the drugs smuggling in Taiz comes where the lack of medicines aggravate the suffering of the kidney failure patients and make the laundry department of  al Thawra hospital closed its doors repeatedly.


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