Houthis investigate 10 journalists in Sana'a

Houthis investigate 10 journalists in Sana'a

Human rights sources said that the Houthis group will begin on Monday investigating on 10 kidnapped journalists in the capital Sana'a charged for the complicity with the aggression, the Saudi-led Arab coalition.



Abdelmajid Sabra, one of the kidnapped journalists lawyers, posted on Facebook that the specialized criminal prosecutor told lawyers that 10 journalists who have been detained for two years will be under investigation for the complicity with the aggression.



He added that the prosecutor told them that those journalists are prohibited to have visits since their referral to the prosecution on the tenth of last July, and still.  



''The prosecution must have quickly reviewed the journalists files the time they were referred to them and release them directly as all procedures prior to the referral are null and void.'' Abdelmajid said.



He pointed out that the journalists rule should be end with a release, especially when their detention was about their views and based on law, that considered a constitutional violation of their right of expression.


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