Taiz: Houthis shell government delegation in 17th Brigade - sources

Taiz: Houthis shell government delegation in 17th Brigade - sources

Military sources said on Monday that the Houthis-Saleh gunmen bombed the headquarters of the 17th Infantry Brigade southwestern Taiz city, southwestern Yemen, while a government delegation was visiting the city.


The sources told Almasderonline that four shells fell down in front of the brigade headquarters during the presence of the Civil Service Minister Abdul Aziz Jobbari, the Local Administration Minister Abdul Raqib Fatah, the Undersecretary of Oil Ministry Shawki al Makhlafi, the military axis commander Major General Khalid Fadel, the 17th Brigade commander Major General Abdul Rahman al Shamsani, and Brigade operations commander Major General Abdo Hamoud al Saghir.



In the first official comment on the bombing, Local Administration Minister Abdul Raqeeb posted on Facebook that "we visited the latest controlled sites in Han Mount, we met the men there, and we were safe despite a number of missiles." He added, "There is no truth to all the news that the militias propagate by our martyrdom, although it is a wish to die in Taiz."



The government delegation visited the advanced sites in Han Mount western Taiz, met the brigade troops stationed at the mountain summit and listen to them, he also participated in the artistic and speech ceremony held by the 17th Infantry Brigade on the occasion of the glorious revolution of 26 September anniversary.


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