Al Maamari: Arab Coalition support not the government forces in Taiz, UAE behind the failure

Al Maamari: Arab Coalition support not  the government forces in Taiz, UAE behind the failure

The governor of Taiz province, Ali al Maamari, said that the reason behind the government forces failure in Taiz is the local authorities' incapability and the absence of the Saudi-led Arab coalition support.



''The coalition support to the government forces is not enough for making progress, yet only fro defense'' Al Maamari said on Monday In a lecture at the American University of Beirut, organized by Sana'a Center for Strategic Studies and Issam Fares Institute.


He also said that the Houthis-Saleh forces had brought their best weapons and fighters to Taiz, while the government and the popular resistance forces have only 10 tanks and most of their fighters are doctors, engineers and craftsmen who had no training of fighting.



The other reason for Taiz battle failure is the belief of United Arab Emirates, the second force in the Arab coalition after Saudi Arabia that the Islah party will strengthen in Taiz if the battle resolved. He added.


"The goal is to exhaust all the parties in Taiz, and facilitate their taking over."


The governor, who returned to take over his duties in the province's administration under the direction of President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi, said that he could not enter Mocha port of Taiz province, since its liberation earlier this year, till now. Adding that, during his visit eight months ago, he was prevented to enter the port by the Emirati officials.


He said that after rehabilitating and operating the port, its local authorities' management should solve the province liquidity problem in the salaries of the government employees. Also the controlling of al Hoban area northeastern Taiz, which is under the Houthis-Saleh forces control, can provide taxes with nearly 25 billion Yemeni riyals annually as it contain the largest number of the factories in the province.


 Al Muamari launched a scathing attack on the central bank's leadership in Aden, the interim capital of southern Yemen. "It rejected repeated orders from the president and the prime minister to hand over salaries to Taiz employees," he said.


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