Abdulaziz Jubari survives assassination attempt

Abdulaziz Jubari survives assassination attempt

A governmental source told Almasderonline that the Deputy Prime Minister Abdul Aziz Jobari survived an assassination attempt whereas his convoy and the accompanying delegation were exposed on Wednesday afternoon to heavy fire from medium weapons when they have passed through the main road in Hijat al Abad outskirts between Taiz and Lahj provinces, the only road that still open to residents of Besieged Taiz province.


The source pointed out that the fire was launched from high hills called al Akbush which is controlled by the Houthis-Saleh forces.


It is noteworthy that Jubari and the accompanying government delegation spent about three weeks in Taiz city, where they sought to re-activate the government institutions and look for the damage caused to the city by the ongoing war since three years.

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