Shabwa: Shaban Elite Commander vows to purge Ataq

Shabwa: Shaban Elite Commander vows to purge Ataq

The commander of the Pro-government Shabawan Elites, which is backed up by the UAE, has threatened to expel al-Qaeda organization from Ataq city, the capital of Shabwa province, southeastern Yemen, although the city is under the control of government forces, loyal to Yemeni President Abdurbo Mansour Hadi.


Lt. Col. Muhammad al-Buhair, the field commander of these forces, said in a video tape that the forces would advance from the governorate's districts toward Ataq city and would work to purge it from the organization elements.


Al-Buhair, who was injured in fighting against Al-Qaeda members, urged the elite forces members to be patient and steadfast.


The UAE-backed forces are battling al-Qaeda in Al-Houta town of Mif'a district southeastern the province.


Al-Buhair also promised that his forces would "purge the province of elements of treachery and treason, starting from Al Saeed district to the capital of the province," which is controlled by the government forces and run by the governor appointed by the political leadership.

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