A Saudi helicopter pick two French journalists from security point in Sayoun

A Saudi helicopter pick two French journalists from security point in Sayoun

Two French journalists have arrived to the Saudi capital, Riyadh by a military helicopter from Sayoun city in eastern Yemen after they were arrested by a security point belonging to the Yemeni government.


Almasdaronline received a private information from Paris Match magazine, the two journalists work for, stating that the two journalists had entered Yemen after receiving permission from the legitimate government and the Houthis authorities that control Sana'a. However, after the coalition decided to close the Air and sea ports, they aimed to leave Yemen.


"After the bombard by the Arab Coalition aircrafts on Sanaa airport, the two journalists decided to leave via the land port to Oman state, but they were arrested by a military checkpoint of Yemeni government forces in Sayoun city, eastern Yemen, as the road is not further safe." the source said


The source added that after the contacts between the French and Saudi governments, the Saudi government sent a helicopter from Sayoun to the Saudi capital of Riyadh, where they will fly for Paris.


Saudi media reported that the Arab coalition had rescued two French journalists detained by the Houthi militias in Yemen.


It is noteworthy that war in Yemen since three years has made it a dangerous area for journalists, but the prolonged war and the worsening humanitarian nation have prompted many journalists around the world to venture to Yemen to see the situation.


Marab province, eastern Yemen, which is under the control of the legitimate government, welcomed a delegation of 20 journalists working in the media from Europe and America after organizing with the Sana'a Center for Studies.

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