«Abu Abbas» Retreating from his decision to exit the city of Taiz

«Abu Abbas» Retreating from his decision to exit the city of Taiz

Salafist leader Col. Adel Fara al-Thubhani, aka Abu Abbas, said Thursday he was retreating from a decision to leave the southwestern city of Taiz.

In a press release, Abu Abbas said he had retracted the decision to go out with his members and their families from the city of Taiz, following the intervention of President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia, the fourth region leadership, and the Reform Party leadership.

He pointed out that the governor of Taiz Amin Mahmud, formed a committee to negotiate with him to dissuade him from the decision made up of the first agent Abdul Qawi aL mikhlafi, Undersecretary Mohammed al-Snawi, Brigadier Adnan Ruzig commander of the Fifth Brigade Presidential guard, and delegate of the 35 Armored Brigade

In his communication, Abu Abbas reiterated his return to the city of Taiz in order to continue the battle of liberation from al-Houthi militants and restore the state under the leadership of the President and Governor of the province.

He called on the sons of Taiz to unite the home front and leave the disputes and join the ranks against the Houthis.


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