Accused Al-Mazrouei of breaking into the electricity company. Socotra Governor: We will stand in the face of UAE tampering in the province

Accused Al-Mazrouei of breaking into the electricity company. Socotra Governor: We will stand in the face of UAE tampering in the province

Socotra Governor Ramzi Mahrous pledged Wednesday to stand up to any hand that tries to tamper with the archipelago and not allow the spread of sedition, stressing that the actions of the UAE delegate and his tools to attack state institutions are reprehensible and unacceptable and should be stopped immediately.

Mahrous added, in a post on his Facebook page: We will strengthen the protection of state institutions and we will not allow the tampering hands to get them, pointing to the directive of the security agencies to strengthen the protection of state institutions and stand in the face of steps and plans of sabotage and tampering.

The governor accused UAE delegate Khalfan al-Mazroui, who is in charge of the Khalifa Foundation for Humanitarian Work, of breaking into the electricity company in Socotra province along with a number of transitional elements, taking control of generators and transformers and pulling them out of the plant.

Mahrous said that those who bet on mixing papers, punishing the sons of Socotra, undermining their services and spreading sedition.

Earlier in the day, local sources in the Socotra archipelago province said that gunmen belonging to the Southern Transitional Council and the UAE took control of the State Electricity Corporation, and separated power cables and connected them to generators belonging to an Emirati company.

The sources added to "Al-Masdar Online" that the transitional gunmen, instigated and directed by Brigadier Khalfan al-Mazroui, who arrived on the island yesterday, took over the electricity company in the Directorate of Qalansya and turned the connecting cables into generators belonging to the UAE company "Daxm".

The sources explained that this escalation in the UAE, comes as part of efforts to overthrow the state institutions and allow  the militias of the Emirates to control the public and private affairs in the archipelago.

According to the sources, the transitional militants have used the recent power outage crisis as a pretext to control the electricity company, claiming that this is in order to serve the people and restore electricity to the province.

For the past week, Socotra has been experiencing power outages for most of its directorates due to the depletion of diesel.

According to governor Ramzi Mahrous's office, a ship carrying diesel for the Electricity Corporation could not dock at Hadybo port because of high waves and wind movement, plunging the archipelago into darkness for several days.

On Wednesday morning, a ship loaded with diesel docked at the provincial port, and according to the local authority, the unloading of diesel quantities is taking place at a high pace to reconnect the electricity supply in the various directorates of the archipelago.

According to the sources, the militias affiliated with the transitional and loyal to the Emirates, pre-empted the process of restoring the electricity supply and hastened to take control of the electricity institution in the Directorate of Qalansya, and turn it into an Emirati commercial company.

The local authority in Socotra suspended traffic at the province's airport after the UAE transferred Transitional recruits to the province in order to control it militarily, as happened in Aden, Abyan and Lahj provinces last month.

The UAE's Khalifa Foundation has supported Qalansya Electricity with generators, but has recently restored it into a private company that seeks to enhance the presence of its "transitional" followers in the province.


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