Aden Reform Party condemns assassinations and arrests targeting its cadres

Aden Reform Party condemns assassinations and arrests targeting its cadres

The Islah party in Aden has renewed its condemnation of the vicious campaign which is targeting it and the continued assassinations of its cadres.

"In Aden," the party said in a statement obtained by the Al-masdar online that it is facing "a significant escalation of this criminal and terrorist campaign, which has so far claimed the lives of 23 persons of its finest members between assassination, arrest, violation of the Houses of the House and the burning and closure of the party's headquarters."

On Tuesday evening, unidentified gunmen assassinated Ali al-da’osi in front of his home in the interim capital of Aden, while the teacher Dabwan Ghleb a member of the Al-Islah party survived an assassination attempt on his life Thursday with an explosive device planted by gunmen in his car.

The reform ”Islah” , in its statement, considered that what was happening in Aden and what was being done to reform, while directly aimed at reform, was aimed at the authority of a government, a presidency, a local authority, all political forces, the entire political process, the general community, its values, culture, security and stability, and the political status of the authorities Legitimacy before Yemeni public opinion and public opinion, both formal and informal, at the height of its political battle, both internally and externally, as well as its military battle to liberate the country and end the coup d'état.

The reform called on all political forces and community leaders in and out of Aden to condemn and reject terrorism, and "to take the necessary positions to maintain the democratic political line as a common denominator with no alternative but chaos and widening circles of violence and destruction." ...


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