After the phenomenon has worsened. Protest in Aden to demand stoppage looting investors ' lands

After the phenomenon has worsened. Protest in Aden to demand stoppage looting investors ' lands

Social figures and local residents of the al-Buriqa district, west of Aden, staged a protest against the takeover of the city's investors ' lands.

The legitimate government, the local authority in Aden and the security forces must take serious action to stop tampering, looting on land belonging to businessmen and investors in the city, said participants in the protest to "Al-Masdar online ".

They added that take over operations began since the liberation of Aden, through influential and armed figures, and relations with state officials, noting that they exploited the absence of censorship and the role of the judiciary and disrupted the work of many of the State institutions concerned to carry out operations of the force of arms on land owned by investors in Aden.

Participants in the protest said to "Al-Masdar online " said that the work of looting of state land and investors ' lands harms the economic role of Aden and contributes as they said in striking the wheel of development, as many businessmen retreated from the establishment of many projects in the city as a result of the growing concern of their exposure to such acts and extortion of the local war lords in the city.

According to the participants, the government authorities, which are supposed to move resolutely to stop the illegal take overs, have taken a serious step to stop looting  the land of businessmen in Aden.

The protest took place following the control of some people on land located opposite the area of "Bir Ahmed " which follows "Enmaa " real estate company  in Aden, whose board chairman Sheikh Hussein al-Hamami called for a protest to demand that the official authorities move to stop the development within his territories.

According to local residents who spoke to  "Al-Masdar online", armed persons believed to be protected by a local leader in Aden, who began to take control of the land under the official papers of Enmaa real estate company, before they later divided it and started a promotion process for its sale.

According to a statement issued by the protesters, the Aden security Department continues to disregard the court's decision and directives issued by Interior Minister engineer Ahmed al-Maysari, which, according to the text of the statement, led to lands takers receiving a moral impulse to continue their operations and control of the land, and they ignored the provisions issued in the case, which provides for the ownership of “Enmaa” Real Estate company of the land.


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