Al-Houthi delegation: we refused to travel to Geneva through a UN plane because the UN did not provide guarantees

Al-Houthi delegation: we refused to travel to Geneva through a UN plane because the UN did not provide guarantees

The Houthi group's delegation, which was due to participate in the UN-sponsored Geneva consultations, has refused to travel to Geneva on board a United Nations plane, the Houthi spokesman, Mohamed Abdel Salam, said Sunday.

Abdul Salam, the head of the delegation, said in a lengthy blog post on his Facebook page, that the group had already agreed with the United Nations to provide an Omani plane to transport the members of the delegation and injured others to Oman or Geneva.

"The United Nations is unable to protect its flights to the neglect of the Saudi regime by intercepting its planes and landing them at its airports," he said, unable to provide any guarantees to go and return from  Sana'a to Geneva.

"The United Nations failed to obtain the necessary authorization, and the Coalition of Aggression (the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia) claimed as usual that we were imposing conditions that went so far as to allege that the wounded were Iranians and Lebanese in political bankruptcy and media propaganda."

"We have informed the United Nations that a plane leaving Sana'a is being allowed directly to Geneva, and we have agreed to take with us sick and wounded to receive treatment in Europe due to their critical condition since  that the airport (Sana'a Airport) has been completely closed for more than two years and that critical situations are right to receive our attention, and the  travel of The wounded and sick to Europe done  by the United Nations and its bodies. "

Abdul Salam said his group had confirmed the demand to remove the wounded or return the stranded because there were no flights of their own, so the aggression (coalition) did not allow them any flight, nor did they open Sanaa airport.

He added that the group's delegation had not received any promises to ensure their return from Geneva, and the United Nations could not say anything, and if I spoke, no one would hear it.

The UN envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, announced Saturday at a press conference that the Geneva consultations had ended after the Houthis could not reach Geneva and said the Houthis ' delegation was keen to reach Geneva and was eager to participate in the consultations.

Subsequently, in the same conference room in Geneva, Yemeni Foreign Minister Khalid al-Yamani, head of the Yemeni government delegation, said that Griffiths ' statements justified their failure to hold the Geneva consultations, expressing the Government's dissatisfaction with those statements.

The consultation tour in Geneva was scheduled to be the fourth round of consultations between the parties to the conflict in Yemen, since the outbreak of the war about four years ago, and the first sponsored by the current UN envoy, Martin Griffiths.

The consultations were held in the first and second rounds of 2015, in the Swiss cities of Geneva and Bel. The third round was held in Kuwait in 2016, not all of which yielded significant results.


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