Al-Houthi: The forthcoming consultations are an updating of ideas and do not lead to solutions

Al-Houthi: The forthcoming consultations are an updating of ideas and do not lead to solutions

Al-Houthi spokesman Mohammad Abdel Salam Wednesday said that "The forthcoming consultations to be held in Geneva, under the auspices of the United Nations, are an update of ideas, not negotiations leading to serious solutions,".

The UN special envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffith, called early August the parties to the Yemeni conflict to hold negotiations in Geneva in September, adding that "these talks will be the first of its kind in two years."

"The forthcoming consultations are an update of ideas, not negotiations on serious solutions," said Abdul Salam in an interview on the group's channel”Almasirah”.

On the demands of the Yemeni government to create the conditions for the negotiations through the release of prisoners on both sides, the group spokesman said that the "States of aggression (the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia) stopped the exchange of prisoners."

He accused the coalition countries of "not paying attention to the humanitarian aspects", pointing out that his group "supports Yemeni reconciliation and affirms that Yemen is capable of all."

On the battles in Hodeidah, west of the country, Abdul Salam commented that the Arab coalition countries "were betting on military achievement there, but failed."

He noted that the leader of the group, Abdulmalik al-Houthi, on the port of Hodeidah, which called on the United Nations to supervise the port, "missed the aggression the justification for its targeting (port)".

Since July 31 July, government forces have launched an attack on al-Houthi in the center of the Drihmi district, after the fighting at the airport, south of Hodeidah, broke down in mid-June last June.

The fighting between the two sides has stalled to pave the way for negotiations led by the UN envoy to Yemen, his diplomatic efforts to reach a comprehensive peace solution, and the cessation of the escalation in Hodeidah and the West Coast.

In the context, the Al-Houthi spokesman said that the ballistic missiles in which his group was bombarding the territory of Saudi Arabia were the "most frequently examined by international parties during any meeting with community officials".


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