Cessation of production at Kamran cigarette manufacturing Company

Cessation of production at Kamran cigarette manufacturing Company

Official sources told Al-Masdar online that the dispute resulted in the factory completely ceased production and closed the company to its doors to wholesalers suddenly. Wholesalers say that officials control the quantities in the company's warehouses , which could cover the local market demand for about a year, but for the greed and corruption of the company's leadership in Sana'a.

According to the source of Al-Masdar online, the company's cigarette sales points in the municipality of the capital and the rest of the governorates have been abruptly closed, while the users of this type of cigarettes find themselves on the trend towards the black market to acquire, which is experiencing a significant recovery in the sale at double prices in the streets of cities and provinces are increasing speculation about the intentions of the Sanaa authorities to officially raise the price of cigarettes like what happened a year ago.

While there are no cigarette packs from the official and private points of sale, there are tens of sites where cigarette cans are sold on the black market and at imaginary prices of approximately 1500 riyals per packet and up to 2000 riyals (4.5 dollars) per box type Kamran White pack 20 cigarettes at the rate of 100 riyals for one cigarette.

The sources explained that the leadership of Kamran company for industry and investment in Sana'a intends to raise the price of one of its products from cigarettes instead of the previous official price, estimated at 450 riyals to 1,000 riyals.

While the sources blamed the leadership of Kamran in Sana'a for the current crisis in the local market, accusing it of fabricating crises to raise its prices in the market, sources in the company attributed any expected increase in the prices of cigarette cans to the huge financial revenues earned by the company's leadership in Sanaa sells its products on the black market at exorbitant prices after it was deliberately concealed.

The source warned of the seriousness of the situation in the company of Kamran if the putschists continued to interfere with the company's policy and internal affairs and insisted on selling the company's products on the black market at high prices if the crisis continues in the coming days the company will lose its purchasing value and lose many of its customers It makes them reluctant to buy Kamran products and replaces them with other low-priced cigarettes in line with their purchasing power, which will expose the company to the risk of inevitable bankruptcy.

The cigarette crisis in the capital Sana'a and the rest of the Yemeni provinces comes after the failure of the coup militias in Sana'a to deal with the terms of the agreement between them and the legitimate government in Aden, while the company's knowledgeable sources in Sanaa attributed the intransigence of the putschists to fulfil their commitments earlier to obtain the coup militias on smuggled tobacco supplied by the merchant  "Daghssan " Close to the leader of the al-Houthi group.

Kamran Company for industry and investment is one of the companies in the mixed sector and has been generating large profits distributed to the shareholders


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