Clashes in Nehm & Government forces completed demining “Om Salta” mountain.

Clashes in Nehm & Government forces completed demining “Om Salta” mountain.

 East of the capital Sanaa precisely ate Nehm front has witnessed heavy military clashes continuing between the army of the legitimate Government and Houthis rebels militia since yesterday evening.

The heavy fighting continued in Thursday in the right flank of Nehm front, and Arab raids of coalition aircraft destroyed an ammunition storage as targeted a gathering of the militias, and followed by another raid targeted the motorcycles and paramedics, according to our military source.

Those attacks by the Government forces comes as a response to attacks by Houthi militia which accusing the legitimate Government forces of launching the attack on their positions.

In the same context the engineering teams continue demining and clean up the areas of the seventh military region captured earlier in Nehm front, a military source told Al-Masdar online that demining teams Thursday completed demining Om Salta mountain in Nehm.

Om Salt mountain which is almost 500 square meter have been controlled by Gov’ Army and the demining teams removed about 2000 mines and IEDs from the area and used 4 teams, while the demining teams have removed about 15 thousand mines from Nehm front only in the past two years.


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