Engineer Al Hammadi in the first statement after its release: the release was sudden and we were confident that the companions of the revolution did not forget us

Engineer Al Hammadi in the first statement after its release: the release was sudden and we were confident that the companions of the revolution did not forget us

Released detainee Ibrahim al-Hammadi said his release was a surprise for him and his companions and they had no prior knowledge of it.

"We did not expect to be released at this time," Ibrahim al-Hammadi said in his first statement to Al-Masdar Online after his release. It is true that we believe in God, and they believe in freedom and it will be close, but there were no big signs, but thank God. We were surprised by the news, God willing, freedom will be close."

"They came to the cell and told me to go out and take your tools with you," al-Hammadi said. "While we were in the car and leaving the prison, they didn't tell us where. We were surprised that we were heading towards al-Jawf, and they told us on the way that there was an exchange deal."

Al-Houthi militias released five February revolutionary activists arrested in July and August 2011 on charges of participating in the presidential palace bombing that targeted former President Saleh and a number of members of his regime.

The release of the five activists, who spent more than eight years in detention and were subjected to cruel torture, was part of an exchange deal made by the army of the legitimate government with Houthi militias through intermediaries from tribal sheikhs and activists in which 10 detainees of the legitimate government were released in exchange for the release of 14 of Houthis  Al-Hammadi comments to " Al-Masdar Online" about the years of imprisonment, saying that "it is true that it is nine years, but it is close given the situation in the country."

"I was with my colleagues in prison, but our confidence in the comrades of the revolution was great, and despite the great circumstances and issues that occurred, they did not forget us and I trust that our case was of great interest to them and they did not forget us," al-Hammadi said.

Al-Hammadi thanked all the fellow activists, media professionals, jurists and politicians who made the cause of the detainees from the youth of the revolution present, and "I thank them very much, and I thank all those who sought to make this exchange a success and get us out of prison."

Al Hammadi was speaking to Al-Masdar online early Friday morning, saying, "I don't know the details of the deal yet but thank you to everyone who moved, all the mediators and everyone who sought."

According to information provided by one of the mediators to "Al-Masdar Online", a local mediation sought to make the exchange a success in order to release the youth of the revolution and also included five civil activists arrested by Houthi militias from their homes in Sana'a. Midnight Thursday, October 18, 2019.""

The source pointed out that the exchange was made in the area of "Mazwia", an area located between the city of Al-Hazm and Shawq Al-Ethneen in Al-Jawf governorate.

"Al-MAsdar Online", publishes the names of those included in the exchange deal from both sides:

The detainees from legitimacy :

1- Abdullah Saad Al-Ta’ami

2. Mohammed Ahmed Ali Amir

3. Ghaleb Al-Ezeri

4. Ibrahim Ahmed al-Hammadi

5. Shoaib Mohammed Al-Ba'ajri

6- Habari Al-Awaj

7- Hesn Ali Al-Hijri

8- Hilal Akrot

9. Fouad Al-Kabody

10. Saleh Ali Ahmad Al-Bahlooli

Released from Houthi prisoners:

1. Abdullah Mohammed Mohammed Al-Muzaiji

2. Nayef Mohammed Hamid Saleh al-Najjar

3. Yahya Mohamed Musleh Saleh al-Maghribi

4. Abdulhamid Abdullah Hussein Amer

5. Abdelkader Mohammed Ismail Osman Al Wazir

6. Ali Hussein Ali Saleh al-Bahr

7. Hamed Mohammed Saad Ali Al-Montaser

8. Badr Ali Mohammed Hesn

9- Salah Saad Salh Ali Al-Ofairi

10. Azzedine Yahya Bazel

11. Fares Mohammed Faris Al-Hamzi

12. Hashim Al-Mutawakkil

13. Ali Saleh Al-Sufi

14. Mohammed Ali Al-Sarraji


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