Griffith asks government for new redeployment plan in Hodeidah

Griffith asks government for new redeployment plan in Hodeidah

Saudi Arabia's Okaz daily newspaper quoted a presidential sources, that the United Nations envoy Martin Griffith has asked the legitimate government to present a new redeployment plan in Hodeidah in the coming days to study it and hold consultations to implement it.

On Wednesday, Griffith met Yemeni vice President Ali Mohsen Saleh and discussed the challenges facing the Stockholm accord and the abduction and prisoner issues.

The meeting encouraged him to arrange for the resumption of consultations with the Yemeni parties as soon as possible, stressing the commitment of the United Nations to reach a comprehensive agreement under Yemeni leadership and urging the Yemeni parties to prepare for it, Griffith said in a statement on Tuesday.

For his part, Yemeni presidential advisor Yassin Makkawi sees that the  military resolution is the only solution, considering that the Swedish agreement ended a long time ago, revealing pressure exerted on the Yemeni government and the escalation of Houthi on the ground.

Makkawi said in a telephone conversation with Okaz that the continued adherence of the Government to this agreement has no meaning, expressing his belief that there are those who exert pressure on the government which is dangerous in the light of the escalation of the Houthi aggression. The Houthis were not qualified for peace, he said, calling on the international community to desist from prevarication and move to military decisive phase.

In addition, Yemeni government spokesperson Rajeh Badi explained that the implementation of the Stockholm Accord should be an integrated system without any fragmentation, and stated in remarks to Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper: "We reiterate our thanks to the Secretary-General of the United Nations for his responsible and constructive handling of the issues that were contentious with the envoy , Especially the Stockholm Accord on Hodeidah as an integrated system without fragmentation or division, in addition to the fundamental guarantees of the solution, which are the three references. "

"We hope that this will be a return in this direction so that we can achieve a lasting and comprehensive peace for Yemen, but unfortunately the militias on the ground are carrying out reinforcement moves in Hodeidah and in more than one front, and all the indicators on the ground confirm their lack of intention to implement the Stockholm Accord or any comprehensive settlement, all of the military escalation by Houthi militias shows their will  to continue the war and they only understands the language of power. "


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