Griffith seeks resignation from his mission in anticipation of the Yemeni government's refusal to deal with him

Griffith seeks resignation from his mission in anticipation of the Yemeni government's refusal to deal with him

Al-Masdar online new from sources that UN special envoy to Yemen Martin Griffith is looking to resign from his mission in anticipation of the Yemeni government's official announcement of refusing to deal with him and trying to save his face.

The sources told Al-Masdar online that Griffith, following the issuance of the Council of Representatives ' memorandum to the Government, held a meeting with his staff in the Jordanian capital Amman to discuss the options available to deal with the escalation witnessed in the last days against him, the latest of which was the entry of the House of Representatives on the line and directed an official memorandum to the Government urges it not to deal with Griffith as a derailed and has been pursuing a policy of prolonging the war in Yemen.

The source said Griffith at the beginning of the meeting asked his crew the idea of a trip to Riyadh to meet with Yemeni officials and try to absorb the state of wrath raised by his performance and culminated with the briefing provided by the envoy to the Security Council and praised the unilateral step taken by the Houthi militias In Hodeidah, but his crew warned him that no Yemeni officials could agree to meet him.

At the meeting where Griffith started worrying and confused, he asked the audience, "Well, what am I supposed to do? Have we reached the end point? "Although the staff of his office, who are not British and he  brought them during his assignment, felt that it was the due end he had given himself to, but they asked him to wait before the decision.

Among the consultations that Griffith has received is that he has to look for international mediators who can intervene to ease the government's anger over him, and he can ask the United Nations to pressure the Yemeni government's allies from the countries of the region to persuade them to change their stance on Griffith.

Hours after the meeting, Griffith continued with the UN Secretary-General and the latter launched a statement calling on Yemeni parties to work with his Special envoy to Yemen in order to make further progress in the implementation of the Stockholm Accord.

Griffith's office in Amman also remained silent on statements made by government officials and members of the government team to monitor the redeployment in Hodeidah, and in the past few days, Yemeni circles in support of the legitimate government witnessed a significant escalation against Griffith, where Politicians and activists who participated in the campaign are pushing for the Yemeni government to stop dealing with Griffith.

The Yemeni government and its spokesperson, Rajeh Badi, accused the UN special envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffith, that he was no longer neutral or impartial.

The Yemeni government is expected to discuss the memorandum from the House of Representatives urging it not to deal with Martin Griffith, accusing him of pursuing a policy of prolonging the war.


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