Houthis in Ibb to execute a wounded citizen

Houthis in Ibb to execute a wounded citizen

In the central Yemeni province of Ibb, Houthi militia executed a wounded gunman who was wounded during armed confrontations between local residents and Houthi militants.

According to a local source for "al-Masdar online ", the gunmen executed a wounded man called "Osama Qaied Ali ", who was shot as a result of clashes in the center of Al-Odain branch in West Ibb between residents of the area  "Wadi al Makarmah" in the isolation of Al Akhmas and the militants of the Houthi leader  "Nabil Azab" Houthis assigned  director of the Security Directorate of Al- Odain branch.

According to the source, the wounded during the clashes remained for hours on the ground, but after he was found by al-Houthi militants they executed him, there were scores of Houthis and prominent leaders, including the group's supervisor at the leading directorate, Abu Abdallah al-Mutawakel.

Last Thursday, armed clashes erupted between residents of the al-Makarmah district of al- Odain branch and militants of Houthi, in which nine people were killed and wounded, including a Houthi leader, Nabil al-Azab.


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