Ibb.. Death of child "Attran" affected by a gunshot wound by Houthi gunman

Ibb.. Death of child  "Attran" affected by a gunshot wound by Houthi gunman

Abdirahman Akram Attran, a child, died of a gunshot wound to the head from an armed Houthi pistol while playing football with his companions in an alley in the city of Ibb  "center of Yemen ".

A medical source told al-Masdar online that the 14-year-old child, Abdul Rahman, died late Saturday evening two days after being shot in the neighborhood of the College of Education at the University of Ibb after the football was thrown towards one of the gunmen who took out his weapon and grabbed the head of the child and shot him and left him bleeding on ground in a dreadful spectacle.

The child was taken to the Al-Thawra hospital and stayed one night, after which he was transferred to a private hospital in the light of his deteriorating health in the midst of a wave of anger and widespread dissatisfaction in  Ibb province as a result of the proliferation of weapons and the expansion of security chaos, which killed dozens of dead and wounded.

The Killer named Abdullah al-Daylami one of the Houthi group, which has been in control of the province since October 2014.

The source received a medical scout photo showing the magnitude of the damage left in the baby's skull and confirmed what the doctors said earlier that the shooting was from a distance of zero.


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