Ignore talk of the withdrawal of "Transitional" forces. Zubeidi vows to "liberate Hadramout Valley, Bayhan and Mukairas"

Ignore talk of the withdrawal of "Transitional" forces. Zubeidi vows to "liberate Hadramout Valley, Bayhan and Mukairas"

The head of the so-called Southern Transitional Council, Aydros Zubeidi, vowed on Sunday to take control of Wadi Hadramout, Bayhan in Shabwa province, which are under the control of the legitimate government, and Mukairas, which is under the control of the Houthi group, from what he described as "terrorism".

Al-Zubaidi said in a speech Sunday evening commenting on the events in Aden that he would not forget "the tasks of liberating the rest of the southern lands of the Hadramout Valley, Bayhan and Mukairas, which are still suffering from terrorism."

In recent days, the UAE-backed Transitional Council (STC) has carried out a military coup in the interim capital, Aden, during which it took control of the government's legitimate camps and the Ma'ashiq Palace, the government's headquarters.

Zubaidi said that their move was "a reaction and self-defense while the role of the other party was to implement a plan based on the assassination of our leaders and then provoke our masses and then liquidate our presence,"" he said, describing the events of August, which he described as "regrettable" and what he said were attacks on his supporters by the Presidential protection forces..

Zubeidi congratulated his supporters on "securing the capital from camps that were sheltering terrorist elements, bomb and booby-trapping factories". He said. They claimed that "the emergence of sleeper cells of marginalized and African immigrants", who were recruited by the Presidential Protection Unit during the battles in Aden.

Al-Zubaidi announced his agreement to attend the meeting called by Saudi Arabia, reaffirming his commitment to the ceasefire.

Al-Zubaidi's speech on Sunday, without any reference to the step of withdrawing from the positions taken by the council forces and demanded by the coalition in a statement on Saturday, but his deputy Hani Ben Brik, announced in his Eid sermon on Sunday morning, their refusal to respond to the call to withdraw from the sites, calling on his supporters to be patient And bear the consequences.

Zubeidi stressed the readiness of his council to work responsibly with the leadership of the Arab Alliance. "We stand fully with the Arab coalition to fight Iran's expansion in the region," he said. According to him.


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