IOM begins evacuation of African migrants from Aden

IOM begins evacuation of African migrants from Aden

Local activists showed African immigrants while standing on the roof of a security force building in Sheikh Othman District, north of the southern city of Aden.

According to a local source, these numbers of African immigrants have been transferred from some streets of Sheikh Osman and Mansoura directorates through the security forces, in a precautionary manner to prevent their deployment in anticipation of any possibility of infection to some diseases, and on the other hand they said the  transfer is due to security concerns.

Security forces have sought to gather citizens from the countries of the Horn of Africa to start taking measures to deport them outside the country in cooperation with the International Organization for Migration, a security source said.

The latter said in its account on "Twitter " that it had begun to voluntarily evacuate African migrants from the port of Aden to their countries, in partnership with the Office of the High Commissioner.

The organization said that some 115 refugees from Somalia had returned home with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) according to the voluntary return programme, and in the meantime, more than 40 of the departures were young people ("children ").


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