Jubbari: delay in forming a mini-government means more failures

Jubbari: delay in forming a mini-government means more failures

Abdulaziz Jabbari, deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, warned of further failures in the battle to restore the state, if a mini-government is not formed to implement the program of the National Alliance of Yemeni Political Forces, which was announced in April in The city of Seiyun on the sidelines of the special session of the Parliament.

"If a mini-government is not formed to implement the National Alliance program as agreed between the political parties, it means more failures," Jubbari said in a statement to Al-Masdar Online.

Jubbari he secretary-general of the Justice and Construction Party stressed that the failure to form a mini-government in accordance with the vision and program of the National Alliance means that the political alliance supporting legitimacy, which was announced in Sieyun in Hadramaut ,will be a "formal alliance has no effect".

Jubbari's statement comes as the Yemeni presidency and Prime Minister Maeen Abdel Malik are in Riyadh with the aim of a government reshuffle that could include several ministries, as sources said.

On Tuesday, Vice President Ali Mohsen Saleh met with Prime Minister Maeen Abdul Malik to discuss several issues, topics and the time frame for implementing the National Alliance program, which strengthens the role of parties in supporting the state at this critical stage.

Adnan al-Odaini, vice president of the media department, and the representative of Al-Islah in the meeting, confirmed that the president and members of the Supreme Political Council of Political Parties and Political Components handed over the vice president and the head of the government, the timeline of the alliance's executive program.

It is worth mentioning that the national alliance program includes various economic, administrative, media, military, security and humanitarian aspects, and its most prominent operational mechanisms include the formation of a mini-government to manage this stage, the return of presidential and parliamentary institutions to Aden, and a comprehensive review of appointments in State institutions, military operations, re-evaluation and building partnership with the Arab coalition to achieve the goals of restoring the state.


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