Journalists detained in al-Houthi prisons in Sana'a are subjected to a wave of persecution

Journalists detained in al-Houthi prisons in Sana'a are subjected to a wave of persecution

The harassment and abuse of journalists held in the Houthi-controlled political security prison in Sanaa has escalated in the past days.

A number of organizations have condemned the torture, systematic attacks and psychological abuse inflicted on journalists in recent days in order to force them to confess to the charges against them before the Criminal court to which they were transferred after years of detention.

The national organization of Yemeni Media (SADA) said that on Wednesday, May 15, 2019, it received a report from the families of journalists abducted by the al-Houthi group at the political security prison in Sana'a, stating that their children were subjected to physical, verbal and brutal attacks  and abuses on Tuesday evening.

The families confirmed the deteriorating health status of their abducted children as a result of severe torture, where they were severely beaten, using sticks, sharp tools, electric wires, insults, cursing and verbal abuse by the Houthis.

According to SAM Rights and Freedoms organization, the Houthi militia has, in the recent period, exercised harsher methods against journalists brought to trial, physically assaulted, physically tortured, insulted and insulted, and sometimes placed in underground rooms with no ventilation and sunlight causing them any diseases, they are also deprived of visiting and wearing appropriate clothing.

In a statement issued on Thursday 15 May 2019 Sam, based in Geneva, said she had received information that "Abdul Khaliq Ahmed Omran, Akram Saleh al-Neonatal, Harith Saleh Hamid, Tawfiq Mohammed Al Mansouri, Hisham Ahmed Tarmom, Hisham Abdel Malek al-Yousfi, Haitham Abdulrahman al-Shehab, Essam Amin Balghaith, Hassan Abdallah Annab, and Salah Mohammed al-Qaedi was assaulted and insulted by the Houthi militia's political security prison guards.

"Sam " called on the international community and international organizations to take a stand against the barbaric behaviour of the Houthi militia and press it to stop committing abuses against civilians under its control, including journalists detained in its jails since mid-2015.

It urged the UN envoy to make the issue of journalists detained in Houthi militia prisons a priority list because they are subject to special treatment, and are exposed to a growing series of violations that have affected their health and deprived them of the most basic human rights.


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