Quba’ee ... A victim of secret prisons in the West Coast

Quba’ee ... A victim of secret prisons in the West Coast

Human rights sources have revealed the transfer of secret prisons from the south to the liberated areas of Hodeidah, western Yemen, by armed factions backed by the UAE.

According to sources for Al-Masdar online, there are two secret prisons in the west of Taiz, and another one in al-Khokha, south of Hodeidah, which is run by local militias receiving funding from the UAE, which is supervising the military operations on the West Coast.

According to the sources, there are many citizens in these secret prisons without real charges, most of them are subjected to severe torture, the visit is denied, and they are refused release after the deterioration of their health.

Emirati-funded "resistance" units are arresting youths on malicious charges and are being placed in the al-Khokha electricity prison, refusing to take them to court to adjudicate charges.

Among these young prisoners is Abdul Jabbar Mohammed Ahmed Quba’ee, arrested in al-Khokha district Electricity Prison for a year and nine months on malicious charges, and refuses to refer him and others to the court of  prosecution.

Abdeljabbar Quba’ee, from the village of al-Rammah, north of the Mocha district, was arrested on his motorbike from a wedding, charged with planting mines in "Yakhtel " village on false pretenses by one of the commander's escorts Ahmed Kawkabani.

Abduljabbar Quba’ee was tortured with severe beatings, cigarette burning on his body and suspension, subjected to torture for one year and nine months during interrogation sessions and was acquitted of the charges.

People's demands for the closure of this private prison, which is not under government authority, have recently escalated, and in the face of these claims, Ahmed Kawkabani released the detainees, with the exception of Quba’ee and other prisoners.

Our sources attributed the delay of the release of Abduljabbar Quba’ee and 10 other prisoners from the electricity prison to the keenness of their detainees on the disappearance of the traces of severe torture apparent on their bodies.


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