SANAA Chamber of Commerce warns Houthis against militarization of markets

SANAA Chamber of Commerce warns Houthis against militarization of markets

The Industrial Chamber of Commerce in the capital Sana'a warned against the practices of the de facto authorities (Houthis) and their influence on the market and stressed the need to coordinate with them when carrying out market campaigns to control prices.

Businessman Mohamed Salah, Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said such uncoordinated campaigns and the militarization of the market would affect the flow of food supplies and the inflow of goods to the market.

The current high prices of food and consumer goods in the market stemmed from a decline in the exchange rate of the national currency against the dollar and the effects of the war in the first place.

He pointed out that the remaining businessmen in the areas of control of the Houthi group are doing national and humanitarian work looking away from the profits, indicating that the capital of the merchants has faded as a result of these unfavorable conditions and suitable for the business environment.

He said the merchant, whose capital was $1 million, is now only 700,000 dollars, with a capital of 200,000 dollars, which has faded and become indebted.

He called the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in the Houthis government to investigate the correct prices, by looking at the global stock Exchange daily to find out the prices and not to judge the private sector that the one who is raising prices is not true.

He warned that carrying out field campaigns on merchants could cause panic in the market, especially when combined with militarization and crews, which would negatively affect the level of supply and transport, in which the private sector carries out its national duty, taking all odds and obstacles on roads, points, etc.

Salah called for the implementation of surveillance campaigns targeting cheaters, violators, standards, and smugglers, pointing out that these are the ones who destroy the economy and harm the health and safety of consumers.

On Wednesday, Houthis authorities launched a field campaign to control the prices of basic materials, amid warnings from the private sector that these campaigns may be negatively affected because they do not take into account the legal foundations and the relationship between the private sector and the government, nor do they rely on the exploration of global market conditions, No fluctuations in national currency rates.

For his part, chamber of Commerce advisor Mohammed Abdullah al-Ansi, director general of the new Generation group, said it is necessary to open up competition for market stability, pointing out that this is the best way to stabilize the market, calling on Al Houthis authorities to grant all facilities for the flow of goods and materials to the market.

The private sector has already warned against the increasing Houthi actions targeting businessmen and traders in their areas of control, stressing that this could cause a complete collapse of the economy, as the private sector is the only remaining pillar to supply markets with the necessary needs in such situations.


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