Suspected cholera cases increase to 10,000 cases and 44 deaths

Suspected cholera cases increase to 10,000 cases and 44 deaths

The number of suspected cholera cases in Taiz province has risen to more than 10,000, while the culture examination confirmed the infection of 609 cases, and 44 people died from the epidemic.

The cholera epidemic has hit a number of Yemeni provinces since the beginning of this year, killing scores in various provinces, while thousands of people have been infected and dilapidated medical facilities are unable to provide care for patients.

According to statics, issued by the epidemiological surveillance room of the Health and Population Bureau of Taiz Governorate, the number of deaths with acute watery diarrhea and cholera in Taiz province has reached 44.

The center recorded an increase in the number of suspected cases to 10,000 and 506 cases, of which 609 were confirmed by culture examination.

According to the center, 80% of the cases were recorded during the month of March-April.

Al-Masdar online publishes the cases of death by geographical distribution to the directorates of Taiz, according to the Health Bureau, as follows:

9 cases in the Directorate of Mawiah

1 case in Shamaytin

4 cases in Same’a

5 cases in Selow

5 cases in Almisrakh

2 cases in Muzaffar

4 cases in Jabal Habashi

3 cases of Taizyah

2 cases in Hayfan

3 cases in Maqbana

1 case in Al-Qahera

3 cases in the coastal district of Thu Bab

2 cases of Saber Al-Mawadem


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