The consultations between parties started in Sweden

The consultations between parties started in Sweden

Political consultations between the Yemeni parties began in Sweden on Thursday, the UN Envoy said Martin Griffiths, it was difficult to bring the parties to the table.

He told a press conference that this round of talks leading to a political framework but negotiations to resolve the crisis hasn't started yet and that responsibility rests with representatives of parties in Yemen to determine the future of their country.

Continue by saying  «today the political process resumes for the first time in two years and the parties made during the past weeks steps to alleviate military escalation and signed an agreement to exchange prisoners and detainees.

He added that the United Nations seek through consultations to implement what has been agreed upon and which is based on national dialogue and Cooperation Council initiative and Security Council resolution 2216.

 «We hope that we can resolve many problems to alleviate the suffering of Yemenis in the coming days and the SANAA airport problem will be discussed during the consultations, the desperate situation faced by the Yemeni people include famine and economic decline.

Griffiths said that the conflict in Yemen resolvable if there is political will, there is a major international effort to end the war.

He explained that "if we do not succeed in resolving the crisis, half of the Yemeni people in danger of starvation, epidemics and diseases, but what I received letters from the parties to the crisis of Yemen's desire to lessen violence».


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