The Parties: condemn the continuation of the murders in Aden and demand that the security authorities assume their responsibility

The Parties: condemn the continuation of the murders in Aden and demand that the security authorities assume their responsibility

Political parties have blamed the security authorities in the province of Aden for controlling security, protecting citizens and carrying out their duties in prosecuting and controlling those involved in all murders and bringing them to justice to obtain their deterrent sanction.

In a statement issued on Saturday morning, the political parties said they were following with great concern the continuation of the vicious assassinations in the interim capital of Aden, among others, which affected dozens of social, political and military figures, resistance leaders, imams, scholars and mosque preachers who were The latest was the assassination of the Yemeni rally for reform activist Ali al-Da’osi, the attempted assassination of reformist activist Dabwan Ghaleb and the arrest of others in Abyan province.

Over the past three years, the city of Aden has witnessed a spate of assassinations of dozens of preachers, party activists, army and popular resistance leaders involved in the liberation of the city of Aden, and the security services have not announced the results of the investigation into any assassination, nor have any defendants been brought to trial.

The political parties expressed their strong indignation at and condemnation of these crimes, which target innocent lives and are aimed at security and public tranquility.

The parties reiterated that the targeting of political activists “from any party or group was the target of the entire political life, the dangerous erosion of the foundations of coexistence and social peace, and the walk in the country towards sedition and unrest in the service of suspicious agendas that do not want the good and stability of Yemen, let alone what it represents Flagrant violation of the right to life “.

The political parties ' statement warned that the continuation of the series of assassinations in the interim capital of Aden "is a criminal act of aggression intended to undermine the institutions of the State and to abort the foundations of legality and create confusion in the country and serves only groups of violence and chaos and is in the interest of the Houthi coup and the Iranian project And prolong his life, and destabilize society's confidence in the state and its security institutions  ".

The parties stressed the need for the Ministry of the Interior to carry out its duties and competencies and to integrate the security agencies and unify the source of guidance in accordance with the official state structure  "and the establishment of all the institutions and organs of the State and all those who support them and stand by the legitimacy of the various sides to maintain the protection of the temporary capital Aden from all aspects of the imbalances and other acts of aggression and arbitrariness practiced by some sides against Yemeni citizens outside the framework of the Constitution and the law to keep Aden an incubator for all the people and a role model in the whole liberated regions and to be as the Yemenis aspire to the city of security, peace and pluralism Political and cultural distance from the culture of hatred and nervousness in its various forms, "the statement said.


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