What is the truth of the resignation of Shabwah governor ??

What is the truth of the resignation of Shabwah governor  ??

A source in the governor's office of Shabwah Mohammed Saleh bin Adiu denied reports by activists on social media saying that the governor  had resigned from his post.

Shabwah activists on Tuesday reported that the governor had resigned to President Hadi, protesting against interventions in the management of the province by officials and ministers of the legitimate government. they pointed out that President Hadi rejected the resignation of the governor and promised him to solve the problems.

The source, in a telephone conversation with the Al-Masdar reporter, described the news as "Whatsapp news" Confirming the governor's still in office.

But a knowledgeable source, close to the governor's family, confirmed to Al-Masdar online  that the governor had resigned to the president on Monday evening for "political reasons," and President Hadi contacted the governor on Tuesday evening to respond.

According to the source, who asked not to be named, the governor's office hid the news after President Hadi's call, which he said promised the governor  with "full authority" in return for a retreat from resignation.

The governor will probably meet with President Hadi on Wednesday to discuss the details, the source added.

The source said the resignation would be a protest against the pressure the governor faces to "dissuade him from his decisions in which he sacked corrupt officials in the province."

The source noted that the " corruption lobby " of officials and ministers of the legitimate government ,did not call them, tried to pressure the governor, to undo the arrest decisions of the corrupt, most notably the decision to arrest the Director of the branch of the oil company Saleh Ali Bafayadh.

Ben Adiu has been leading a war against corruption since his appointment in late November and issued an arrest warrant for Bafayadh, early January, for embezzling funds. Based on the memorandum of Attorney General of public funds, which includes a mandatory subpoena for the director and suspension of work, and referred him to  investigate the fact of embezzlement of public money and fraud in the collection of fees.


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