Yemeni Airways: Coalition refuses to grant permission to fly from Aden to Amman

Yemeni Airways: Coalition refuses to grant permission to fly from Aden to Amman

The Yemeni Airways company said the Arab coalition refused to grant permission for its flight from Aden airport to Amman.

In a statement published by the Yemeni company on its Facebook page, a source in Yemen Airways said that this rejection was made without giving reasons, noting that the company's leadership has asked the coalition to change its flight from Aden airport to Seiyun  airport so that it does not fall into embarrassing situations with the travellers, and yet it has been rejected.

The source confirmed that Yemeni Airways will have to operate from a Seiyun  airport on Tuesday aboard its AFA aircraft located at the bad airport to the Jordanian capital Amman empty of passengers and there are no passengers on board to come with  passengers from Amman to Seiyun , which cost a lot of losses and not fulfil its promises to its passengers and the source was surprised by the cancellation of the trip despite the alliance's knowledge of the existence of humane and satisfying situations and expatriates and students from America and Europe to travel urgently, according to the source.

The Ministry of Transport's office in Riyadh is trying to find out why the trip was cancelled, but there was no response to the moment, the source said.

The coalition is repeatedly prevented from operating flights from Yemeni airports under its control, although it is the only national carrier allowed to fly to and from Yemen. Yemeni passengers are forced to wait for several weeks to get a seat on the Yemeni airways due to the urban restrictions on Yemeni airports and the scarcity of the number of aircraft that constitute the strength of their transport fleet.


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