Yemeni Army Controls First Directorate of al-Houthi stronghold in the north of the country

Yemeni Army Controls First Directorate of al-Houthi stronghold in the north of the country

The Yemeni army on Friday evening declared full control over the al-Dhahir district in Sa'dah Governorate, the stronghold of the Houthi group (north of the country).

The Directorate of Al-Dhahir is the first directorate in Sa'ada Governorate to declare the Yemeni army fully under control.

According to the website of the Army's spokesman “September Net”, the Yemeni forces on Friday completed the liberation of the al- Dhahir district, northwest of Sa'dah Governorate, after a large-scale military operation.

The site was quoted by a military source (not called) in the Third Brigade of the Army (Orobah), that the forces of the brigade backed by the Arab coalition (led by Saudi Arabia) completed the Liberation of the Directorate of Al- Dhahir in full, after having liberated the areas of al-Kahlaa, Naqeel ibn Harith, the Majran, Taiban, Jaza’a, Khulbah and Qumamah.

The Army forces defeated al-Houthi militants in the direction of the north-west district of Hajjah Governorate and the Razeh district in Sa'dah, the source said.

"The fighting with the Houthis apparently resulted in scores of dead and wounded from the group's militants, including field commanders, notably militia supervisor Hassan Ali Hassan, and the militia supply officer in the liberated area, Abu Zia, who was killed along with seven of his escorts," he said.

In the same vein, the source reported that the government army forces surrounded the area of Marran (Sa'dah), the stronghold of al-Houthi and its leader (Abdulmalik al-Houthi), in preparation for a hidden intrusion.

"Army artillery, targeting reinforcements pushed by the Houthis from Sufian district (Sa'dah) to the Marran Triangle, in a desperate attempt to recover sites that they had lost, but the shelling foiled that attempt and its liver heavy losses in number and material (not specified)," he said.

The military source did not say whether the fighting with the Houthis in Sa'dah caused material or human casualties to the Yemeni army, nor could a comment be obtained from the Houthis about what the source said.

About two years ago, the Yemeni army opened two fronts in Sa'ada Governorate in the provinces of Baqim and ' Kitaf and Al Buq’a ', followed in recent months by four other fronts, which were distributed to the directorates of al-Dhahir, Razih, Shatha, and Hashwah.

Since the start of the fighting in Sa'dah, the army has been able to control mountainous areas and chains in the six directorates, before it fully dominates the Al-Dhahir administration today.

Last week, the army announced the storming of the Marran area (the hometown of the Houthi leader and al-Houthi's main stronghold) from four axes following the payment of massive military forces.

According to September net, his forces managed to control tens of kilometers in Wadi Khulb, Umm Nu’airah, Ghareb, Umm Soroof, Jabal Tayban, Aqabat  al-Dhahir and Aqabat  Al Kherban, a ruined roadblock at the bottom of the area of Marran.


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