Yemeni government: We are shocked by the report of the UN Team of Experts

Yemeni government: We are shocked by the report of the UN Team of Experts

The Yemeni government said it was shocked by the report of the United Nations Team of Experts on the parties to the conflict in Yemen.

The Ministry of Human Rights in Yemen, in a statement, said on Tuesday that the report of the Team of experts formed on the basis of resolution 31/36, "was shocking in many of its paragraphs that lacked precision and neutrality."

She noted that the report also lacked the exact conceptual definition of what was going on.

"The ministry has noted that the group has exceeded the mandate given to it by the Human Rights Council, according to the resolution issued under the tenth item on technical and technical assistance to countries," she said.

She explained that she was currently working on studying and refuting what the report had done and would react to it after it had been completed through formal mechanisms.

A report by the United Nations Panel of Experts said that the parties to the conflict in Yemen had committed crimes that might amount to war crimes.

According to the report, those crimes included cruel treatment, torture, violation of human dignity, rape, and recruitment of children under the age of 15.

The first report of the Team of Experts in Yemen to the Human Rights Council added that it had good reason to believe that the Yemeni government, the coalition countries (the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia) and the Houthis had committed human rights violations, including the denial of the right to life, forced detention and rape Torture, poor accountability, enforced disappearance and the recruitment of children.

The report indicated that persons who might be directly responsible for war crimes in Yemen had been identified and would provide a confidential list of suspects involved in such crimes.


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