Washington: We have compelling evidence of Iran's support for the Houthis in Yemen

Washington: We have compelling evidence of Iran's support for the Houthis in Yemen

The US State Department on Wednesday disclosed that it was irrefutable evidence of Iran's involvement in supporting the Houthi militias in Yemen and supplying them with weapons and ballistic missiles.

In a session on Iran's nuclear dossier at the "Hudson" Research Center in Washington D.C., the missile fired by rebel militias at the Riyadh airport from Yemen was made in Iran, said Brian Hawke, special envoy of Foreign Affairs of the United States for Iran.

"The missile that was launched at Riyadh airport is a threat to international security, imagine if it was launched at Heathrow Airport (London)," the envoy commented on the incident.

Hook was referring to the ballistic missile intercepted by the Saudi air defense forces, near King Khalid International Airport in the Saudi capital, in November 2017.

The envoy said Iran was making the "Middle East" as Lebanon, making it the same as Lebanon, where the pro-Tehran Hezbollah militias were seizing the political and military decision.

"Iran has the largest missile program in the Middle East, and it is helping Hezbollah to manufacture rockets," said Hawke, considering that the "Iranian missile program is a threat to us and our allies."

He referred to the recent sanctions imposed on Iran by Washington because of the latter's failure to abide by the terms of the nuclear deal as well as its destabilizing destructive roles in the Middle East region.

"We are doing what we can to stop the export of Iranian oil on November 5," he said, referring to us intentions on completing the sanctions package targeting the Iranian regime.


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