A demonstration in Taiz protesting the collapse of the local currency

A demonstration in Taiz protesting the collapse of the local currency

Dozens of residents of the city of Taiz protested Thursday, protesting the collapse of the local currency, which is at its lowest level, and demanding control of commodity prices, according to Al Masdar online Correspondent.

The demonstration, which took place on Gamal Abdel Nasser Street in the center of the city, came in response to activists and jurists called "youth overpower" and "the revolution of the Hungry".

The protesters blamed the Houthi coup on the legitimate government, the Arab coalition that intervened in Yemen to restore legality, as well as corruption in the government of President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, responsible for the humanitarian crisis in the country and the economic collapse.

They raised slogans demanding that the Yemeni government, the central bank and the Arab coalition, led by Saudi Arabia, save the Yemeni economy and support the local currency, the collapse of which has been reflected in the very high prices of commodities for basic materials and Luxuries.

They accused the political parties of hypocrisy with Saudi Arabia and the UAE, ignoring the demands of the protesters, and not raising their voice against the collapse of the humanitarian and economic Situation.

The city of Taiz has already witnessed similar demonstrations condemning the Government's failure to address the economic meltdown.


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