Al-Mahra protesters announce the start of a new phase of escalation next Friday

Al-Mahra protesters announce the start of a new phase of escalation next Friday

The leadership of the Al-Mahhra peaceful sit-in committee announced the start of the escalation phase next Friday to condemn the killing of protesters last week.

The committee explained in a press release, which "Al-Masdar online " obtained a copy of it, that a meeting held in the capital of the province confirmed the continuation of its activities rejecting the Saudi military presence, and stressed its demand to dismiss Governor Rajeh Bakrit and sue him in court.

The meeting, which was held in the presence of Sheikh Ali Salem al-Harizi, undersecretary of the province, and headed by Amer Saad, chairman of the organizing committee and his deputy Sheikh Aboud Habbud Qmsit, discussed ways of peaceful escalation in the coming period.

According to the committee, the Saudi military presence in Al-Mahra has emptied the security apparatus from its content, especially with the presence of armed formations supported by Saudi Arabia, noting that these parallel militias are weakening the sovereign security and military apparatus in Yemen.

Attendees stressed that al-Mahra peaceful sit-in had announced since its first day its adherence to legality represented by His Excellency President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi and his rejection of military practices, calling on the Arab coalition to return to its stated objectives during the operations it launched in Yemen in March 2015.

The leadership of the organizing Committee considered that the “Tunnels checkpoint” incident was a "challenge to the peaceful city and a desire to drag it towards the chaos square."

The province of Al-Mahra has been witnessing a peaceful movement against the presence of coalition forces in the province for several months, refusing to create new security and military posts, while the governor earlier described the ones objecting to security checkpoints as a group of arms smugglers and contraband.

Al-Mahra province is located in the Far East of Yemen on the border with the Sultanate of Oman and is considered by the Omani authorities as a strategic depth and enjoys good relations with tribal elders and conservative elders and gives them freedom of movement to their lands and access to the services of commerce and treatment, which makes the movement in the province which  reject  the Saudi presence linked to the difference in positions between Oman and Saudi Arabia, especially about the war in Yemen with the Houthi rebels.


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