Al- Maysari “folk artist”, Salahi and al-Arifi “photographers “ enter second month of enforced disappearance

Al- Maysari “folk artist”, Salahi and al-Arifi “photographers “ enter second month of enforced disappearance

For the second consecutive month, Houthi militias continue to forcibly conceal folk artist Mohammed Khaled al-Maysari and his colleagues in the Media and journalism department at Hodeidah University Bilal al-Arifi and Mohammed Salahi.

Houthis militia kidnapped al-Maysari artist after raiding his home in Al-Zabaria neighborhood in the western city of Hodeidah on Saturday (October 20th), and kidnapped his fellow photographers Bilal al-Arifi and Mohammed Salahi from their Media Centre “Mega pixel" - airport road on the following Sunday and confiscated Their cell phones.

The kidnappers are studying at the fourth level in the Press media department at Hodeidah University.

AL-Maysari family says they received information that their son was in the political security prison in Hodeidah and Al-Masdar online was unable to communicate with the Al-Arifi and Al-Salahi families.

Friends of the kidnapped told Al-Masdar online that the reason for their abduction was their meeting in a session a few months ago with media friends who traveled to the West Coast to cover the confrontations there for media of countries within the Arab coalition.

Earlier, the Yemeni journalists ' syndicate condemned their abduction and demanded that their fate must be disclosed and immediately released, and held Al-Houthi group fully responsible for their abduction and any harm or abuse they might suffer.

The Geneva-based Sam rights organization also called for the disclosure of their place of detention and their immediate release.

Since the Arab military coalition began mid-June to restore the city of Hodeidah from the grip of Houthi militias, the militias kidnapped dozens of activists and citizens on charges of collaborating with the Coalition


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