Dr.Maeen: We focus on the economic and service side and there will be changes in the government

Dr.Maeen: We focus on the economic and service side and there will be changes in the government

Prime Minister Dr.Maeen Abdul Malik said that the government's focus at the present stage is on the economic and service side, and that " citizen does not want to listen to politics when his situation is unstable, and he cannot find the strength of his day".

"If the citizen does not find a difference in his situation, he will not listen to a speech from domestic politics," he said during a television interview conducted by the UAE's Abu Dhabi channel.

"The subject of economic and monetary policy has somewhat restored confidence, the banking system was about to collapse, and I am talking about the commercial banking sector, now the role of the central bank and our tools have improved, this quickly reflects a rapid impact on the citizen," he said.

"Citizens now feel this improvement."

He stressed that the government has begun to control the subject of printing currency significantly, and financing the budget from non-inflationary sources, pointing out the existence of good indicators to help stability, in the banking sector.

The head of government announced changes in the government, including real reforms.

"We are now working on the internal control and reports that come from the finance department in all ministries how to get to finance, so we have initial reports," he said. The subject of improving or developing government performance is one of the main tasks. "

Responding to a question about the southern transitional council and putting it on its agenda, Dr. Maeen Abdulmalik said, "Every component or party has the right to express its opinion peacefully and all components can express its views, the most important thing is the distance from any armed movements because it undermines the state."

He stressed that undermining the state is the major problem we are experiencing, as the government is the legal framework for all.

There is a need to think about the city of Aden in an exceptional way and to have a dialogue with its sons and elites to develop the city differently, it is wealthy as a site and facilities, it has our refineries and a  port and we need to think about it in a different way.

"Aden is not an island isolated from Yemen, the stability of Yemen is part of the interests of the region and our interests also with neighboring countries, the stability of Yemen as a country, on the basis of common interests between us and our brothers is the base»


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