Houthis Oil company lowers fuel prices

Houthis Oil company lowers fuel prices

The Houthis oil company announced a reduction in the price of fuel in their controlled areas on Wednesday, starting in December.

In a statement obtained by Al-Masdar online the company siad, that the petrol plate 20 liters, will be sold for 8700 riyals, while the price of the diesel plate will be 9500 riyals.

The new price is lower than the previous price, which was set at 11500 for the plate.

The company says its aim is to serve the citizens away from profit, and this happened due to the exchange rate improvement, in addition to the decline in the price of oil globally.

Despite the discounted price, the prices still high, since the price of the plate was 6700 riyals when the dollar price was 480 early this year, and the current price is supposed to be 5,000 riyals.


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