Prime Minister: there are plans for the economic file

Prime Minister: there are plans for the economic file

Yemeni Prime Minister Maeen Abdul Malik said on Thursday that the government is working the main aspects of economy and services, which has contributed to the improvement and halting of the collapse of the local currency.

He addressed the attendants in a speech to the government celebrations of the 51st anniversary of the evacuation Day, November 30, in the Federal Hall of Aden attended by a number of ministers and state military and civilian leaders, according to the state news agency Saba.

He added there are plans and treatments to deal with care with all the economic repercussions and the stability of basic services to reflect this on the conditions and living of citizens.

"I have worked with the members of the Government, the central bank, the members of the Economic Committee, and the brothers and sisters to overcome the bad plans to undermine the economy and affect the lives of citizens," he said.

He thanked Saudi Arabia for providing two billion dollars in deposits in the bank, in addition to the oil derivatives grant, which contributed to the recovery and restoration of confidence in Yemen's monetary and financial system.

"Many countries of our brothers and our friends, foremost among them, will put their hand in our hands to remove the effects of war and rebuild, but more importantly, we must be responsible for ourselves," he said.

This is the first time that the prime minister and government ministers have been officially active since the beginning of his appointment last month, succeeding the former Prime Minister Ahmed Ben Dagher, who often objected to such celebrations.


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