When dancing become a crime, “Hip Hop” dancers in threatened with imprisonment in Hadramawt

When dancing become a  crime, “Hip Hop” dancers in threatened with imprisonment in Hadramawt

The security forces in Al-Mukalla city, the capital of Hadramawt  have arrested last week a group of youths while practicing the "Hip Hop" dance at Khor al-Mukalla in the center of the city, which sparked a wide controversy in the Hadhrami community and social media between supporters and opponents of this action by the Security authorities.

While the supporters of the dance were considering it to be a personal and legal freedom, the opposing considered it as a Western art and an outsider to the conservative Hadramawt community and restriction of citizens in public places.

"Mohammed Saeed " A member of the "Hip Hop " dance group   in al-Mukalla city who was arrested by the security force said about the arrest :  "While we were preparing as usual for our favorite hobby, the hip-hop dance, we have been  raided by four security vehicles with soldiers who arrested a number of young people involved in the show, justified their action by the execution “an orders from the Hadramawt security manager Brigadier Munir Al-Tamimi”.

"Muhammad " deplored the fact that they were not allowed to contact their parents, who said that they had lived hard hours and did not know anything about their fate, after confiscating their personal telephones, adding that they had been provoked by security personnel, including shaving the heads of some of them.

On the charge for which they were arrested, "Muhammad " said that security informed them that it was a "forbidden dance, a habit of decency and against the customs and traditions of society."

"Muhammad " confirmed that they had put together two options, either pledging not to practice the dance or their continued detention, noting that pledges had been made by all the youths who had been arrested, not to practice the dance again.

Security Authorities, for their part, commented on the incident by saying that we did not limit public freedoms, but we will not allow any harm to the citizens by extraneous behavior to society and in public places.

"Mohamed Baswad " A member of the hip-hop dance group  responded to the statement  published on the Hadramawt security page by saying, "If we say the cause of the accident is that it is a public place then why did you arrest hip-hop dancers only and you did not do the same to the folk dancers in the same place"

"If we hurt citizens, people would not have been in solidarity with us," he said.

Media activist Mohammed al-Yazidi commented on the incident by saying: al-Qaeda have prevented, concerts and artistic youth events in the public squares in the Al Hadhrami coast cities during their occupation in 2015. It was justified by the fact that it is a forbidden act and imitating the West..!! "The same pretext is now used to suppress the effectiveness of hip-hop. But not by al-Qaeda gunmen. It is a government security personnel.

As an opponent of this dance, Sheikh Saleh Omar al-Sharafi is one of the biggest Hadramawt, considering it an outsider to the Muslim community.

In a lecture delivered at a mosque in the city of Mukalla, al- Sharafi warned against imitating the West and unbelievers.

The controversy continues on the street Al Hadhrami between supporters and opponents to "Hip Hop" in Mukalla and legality of the arrest of dancers, but the dance is now forbidden in the city of Mukalla.


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