Security authorities raide an explosives factory of extremists were stationed east of Taiz

Security authorities raide an explosives factory of extremists were stationed east of Taiz

Security services in Taiz on found an explosives factory belonging to extremist militants stationed east of the city.

Lt. Colonel Abdullah al-Naqib, a Taiz police officer, said the security services found an explosives factory and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in a ground floor  in the "Saudi " building next to the public post at the entrance to the al-Sameel market east of the Taiz city on Wednesday.

The announcement comes hours after the security apparatus in Taiz uncovered a mass grave in the eastern part of the city in a neighborhood under the control of the so-called "Abu Abbas Brigades", which they made it  a center for the movement of extremist militants and assassination gangs that have been carrying out assassinations on an ongoing basis since 2015 against officers Soldiers in the government forces and targeted various personalities, most notably the Red Cross employee named "Hanna Lahoud " On April 21/2018.

The security services seized 25 improvised explosive devices (IEDs), two motorcycle booby-trapped tanks and nine canisters and pipes, including gas cylinders containing high explosives, the lieutenant Colonel said in a statment to local media.

The explosives industry laboratory was uncovered, and a secret cemetery was uncovered for soldiers in the government army who were liquidated, based on information extracted from suspects arrested earlier by the security services and subjected to investigation.

The security services announced late last November that a warehouse containing explosives and containers had been manufactured in the same area, which was used as a nest for extremist militants and assassination gangs, and presented its images to the media.

The security services managed to control the neighborhoods that were the center of the extremists after violent and frequent armed confrontations with security campaigns ended with full control over them.


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