"Sam": the coalition bombed a prison in Sanaa and may knew the presence of detainees there

"Sam": the coalition bombed a prison in Sanaa and may knew the presence of  detainees there

The Geneva-based SAM Organization for Rights and Freedoms issued a human rights report on Wednesday, which included an investigation into the bombing of the Sanaa military Police prison, and the release of the report coincided with the first anniversary of the incident and named "joint crime".

The report included statistics on the number of deaths and injuries, documented testimonies of detainees and injuries that miraculously survived their day of death, and testimonies of relatives of detainees who had died in prison.

Sam said the coalition might have been aware that the target building contained civilian detainees based on the testimony of detainees released just before the shelling, one of them, journalist Yusuf Ajlanwho said, Houthis told the kidnapped, who were transferred from the central prison to the military police headquarters, that The Red Cross has been informed of their transfer to the military police headquarters. "

" Red Cross visited us two weeks after we were moved and we were told that we feared the bombing of the coalition's airline, but they told us that they have informed the coalition that the place contains prisoners and detainees and would be safe," he said.

Sam confirmed that she had sent letters of inquiry to the Red Cross in Yemen's capital Sana'a on April 19, 2018, whether the cross had sent the coalition a warning, and asked the Arab coalition on October 28, 2018, and the Arab coalition Forces incident assessment team On October 29, 2018, whether the coalition received a warning that the central police prison in Sana'a had civilian detainees but did not receive a response.

The head of the organization, lawyer Tawfiq al-Hamidi, confirmed that the issuance of this report is part of documenting crimes committed against civilians, in contravention of the laws of war and international conventions, and as primary is the Geneva Conventions for the protection of civilians. "We hope that through this report we will be contributing to The direction of uncovering the truth and ensuring that violators do not escape punishment. "


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