Houthis mines kills three civilians in Mawia-Taiz

Houthis mines kills three civilians in Mawia-Taiz

Houthis mines kill three civilians in Mawia-Taiz

In a statement of the director of Mawia directorate “Abdul Jabbar Al- Sarari” said that three civilians were killed Wednesday afternoon by a landmine planted by the Houthi terrorist militia in the district of Dhabah, in the province of Mawia- Taiz.

The Director of Mawia  Directorate condemned the "painful crime", which is not the first in the Directorate, and condemned "the persistence of al-Houthi terrorist militias in planting mines on public roads, mountains, and highlands in an act of despicable savage criminality that keeps them killing innocent people for tens of years."

Al-Sarari pointed out that the Houthi militia planted mines in mountains, roads, and heights, which are meant daily by hundreds of citizens to graze sheep and cattle, which are their main source of income, and women to attend and children who go to school.

Al-Sarari reported the killing of 11 other civilians in the past months, including a child and seven women, and the wounding of seven children and two women, in sporadic incidents during the past months as a result of sniping and the explosion of Houthi mines, while dozens of families were displaced from the isolation of Hawamrah and Ashjour, as well as dozens of detainees.

He appealed to the legitimate government and international and local organizations to intervene quickly to compel the Houthis to hand over the map of mines, with a view to disarming and securing the lives of the people, and to provide relief to civilians, women, men and children, who have become an easy target for terrorist militias, he said.


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