Military commanders survived after Houthi attack on Al-Anad base

Military commanders survived after Houthi attack on Al-Anad base

Five soldiers, including an officer, were killed and 15 others injured, including military commanders, in an attack by Houthis on the al-Anad airbase, north of the southern province of Lahj, according to a government military source on Thursday.

The source said that the drone was approaching the main podium of the ceremony, which was organized in conjunction with the inauguration of the new training year for troops at the airbase, in the presence of the high ranked leaders of the government forces.

He added that the plane approached the podium where the chief of staff, Maj. Gen. Abdullah al-Nakaie, his deputy Maj. Gen. Saleh al-Zandani, the Governor of Lahj Ahmed Turki, and the commander of the Fourth Military Region, General Fadl Hassan, as well as other military commanders.

He added that the audience believed the plane was videotaping the ceremony.

He noted that a few minutes later the explosion occurred near the main podium of the ceremony, killing five soldiers, including an officer, and injuring 15 other soldiers.

According to the source, the military commanders of the government forces survived the attack, some of them lightly injured, while the chief of staff was not injured.

The Houthis had earlier claimed responsibility for the attack, saying that this attack came after careful follow-up and monitoring.


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