Aden ports authorities in response to UN official ,,, there are those who seek to exploit mistakes

Aden ports authorities in response to UN official ,,, there are those who seek to exploit mistakes

Aden Ports authorities responded to a briefing by UN Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Mark Lowcock to the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday on the heavy congestion in the port.

It stressed the ability of the port to absorb the World Food Programme (WFP) relief consignments sent to Oman, if the port administration had been coordinated beforehand, as well as the port's ability to handle relief goods.

According to a statement by the state news agency Saba, there should be ongoing proactive consultations between the port authorities and the organizations to learn about their plans to arrange the conditions for their success.

The ports expressed "we express our dissatisfaction with the use of some exceptional conditions at the port to cover the mistakes of relief workers, and they will not hesitate to respond and uncover the facts about these behaviors that damage the reputation of the port and pursue undeclared goals."

In his briefing, Lowcock said there was great congestion in the port of Aden and was an obstacle in the way of humanitarian aid.

"The authorities have acknowledged in its previous communication that there is overcrowding but it is not as severe as it is mentioned and not the cause of delaying relief shipments," the ports authorities said.

They also denied that the diversion of part of the WFP relief shipments to the port of Salalah in Oman was a result of the congestion and said that the real reason for delaying relief shipments was due to the failure of the programme's operators.

"The port of Aden has provided the World Food Program with a lot of facilities, including but not limited to the Al Mualla container terminal with all its equipment and crews, which accommodates 120-160 thousand containers per year, and has exempted the program from operating fees and giving them a special tariff for container handling."

The port of Aden delivered more than 7 million tons of dry goods last year 2018, compared with 5 million tones in 2017 by 30%, while the container handling rate in 2018 rose by 16% compared to 2017, the authorities said.


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