Documents and detailed information on secret prisons and mass graves of victims and activists in the southern governorates of Yemen. and supervised by Emiratis (special report)

Documents and detailed information on secret prisons and mass graves of victims and activists in the southern governorates of Yemen. and supervised by Emiratis (special report)

The name Saeed Al Muhairi, aka (Abu Khalifa), evokes the horror among the kidnapped and forcibly hidden in the secret prisons of Aden, unlike the situation on his Facebook page on the social networking site Twitter, the tweet pinned to his account  since August 2015 describes a picture of the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed and he embraces an elder  seems to be one Emirates Sheikh with the following tweet:  "I have not found words to describe this human attitude, the picture alone speaks of a great leader and great father, God bless you and prolong your lives."

But that human view has become different in Yemen, as Saeed Al Muhairi manages many secret prisons and has a close relationship with the assassination file in Aden and the file of prisoners and those who are forcibly hidden from the assassination file which is closely linked, and there are dozens of cases of liquidations in secret prisons and the bodies were hidden in mass graves.

After the liberation of Aden, the city turned into a repellent environment for the real resisters who had fought against the coup, but once the battles finished, the most prominent leaders found themselves either in secret detention or on the list of assassinations or exiles outside Aden.

The problem of the UAE and its tools with the Houthi coup coalition with Saleh, but on the contrary it found itself with one of the parties to the coup (Saleh) and remained to prepare in the liberated areas for the promised day when they  return “Saleh” to power again, but it will not come at all.

Secret prisons and graves

Six graves were used in Aden and Hadramawt to bury the bodies of those who were liquidated in secret jails. The editor of Al-Masdar online has obtained its location as follows:

-A grave next to the old prison between the prison and the UAE Red Crescent.

-A grave behind the old Bir Ahmed prison inside the Bir Ahmed camp, before a new central prison was established in the outskirts of the camp and independent (there was a prison and was demolished after detection by the organizations).

-A grave inside Wadhah prison, next to the reservoir.

-A grave in al-Sheher next to the Hadrami elite Camp.

-A grave inside Al Rayan Prison at the airport.

-A grave in the way of the coalition building.

Terrifying statistics leak from secret prisons in Aden, which is run by security agencies supervised by Emirati leaders, including the names of the executors, some statistics of abductees and those who have been liquidated, the names of old and new prisons, physical and psychological torture tools, the names of investigators, and how the abductees are treated.

Miscellaneous Torture Tools

One of the documents is a contains 13 instruments of physical and psychological torture that vary between rape (by device-with sticks-in the hands of individuals), skin, electricity, digging, suspension, sleep deprivation, medicines, use of chili and salt on wounds, slapping, and use of the Pliers for fingers and pouring Coldwater on the body and the insult and finally the “Kasasbeh cage “ (referring to the cage used to kill the Jordanian pilot by ISIS) (a three-meter iron cage in two meters the prisoner is tortured and suspended days in cold and heat).

According to the documents, the pre-mentioned instruments of torture are used by Emiratis, while Shallal Shaye’a head of Aden security who has a person who oversees torture and kills and was convicted of murder and his nickname  (The Beast).

The types of torture in the prisons run by the Shallal are the drowning illusion and skinning by iron and hammers, put the prison in the compressor, shock him with electricity and smashed the bones with stones, and the and dissolving the plastic on the body and torture by preventing drinking and complete health neglect and the compressing on the testicles by plastic clingers and sticking needles under the nails.

According to the documents, the "Beast" who supervises the torture no longer exists and confirms either his concealment or liquidation to hide secrets and was replaced by another person named Ali al-Emirati.

Documents revealing prison atrocities

The documents speak about 28 prisons distributed in the liberated south areas, some affiliated with the coalition, some of them affiliated with Emiratis and others run by the UAE security arms, as the document mentions the names of some investigators, including Abu Khalifa Saeed Al Muhairi, who described as the commander-in-chief and is investigating rare cases. In addition to investigators of other nationalities including Americans.

The documents reveal some cases of rape by investigators. a prisoner from Aden was raped by Emiratis and another person from Taiz who was raped 16 times by Abu al-Yamamah group while a prisoner from Abyan was raped by a piece of iron and when he wanted to resist they beat him and skinned his skin.

The documents contain 26 names of missing persons, including 3 foreigners, two of whom were taken from the Aden airport,the documents also describe on another page the nutrition given to the abductees in the three meals, which are not enough, plus very few drinking water, noting an improvement in food in the recent period.

(Names of some of the missing in Aden prisons) 

In the past years, the documents confirm that the inmates of the secret prisons were given two minutes in the morning as well as in the evening only to go to the bathroom and currently have baths inside the cells, and previously they were pooping in cans inside the cells, while the kidnapped is allowed to exposure to the sun every 3 months for five Minutes only and it is only after many claims and often midday.

Hassani testimony. Uncover the hidden

With the passage of time, the news of torture and the brutal ways in which inmates in secret prisons are treated, especially with the release of some, including the leader of the Southern Resistance Adel al-Hassani, who spoke to the program "with no border" on "Aljazeera" channel about the  crimes committed by the United Arab Emirates, began to leak. Prisoners and hidden people, Al-Hassani revealed that the Emirati officer “Abu Khalifa ", who is the supervisor of assassinations and secret prisons, asked him to liquidate Sheikh Ahmed Saleh al-Essi, businessman and deputy director of President Hadi's office.

Al-Hassani pointed out that he  "refused the mission, and he was tortured and thrown into prison, and he agreed under pressure, and asked him for a guarantee represented by the deportation of his family to the UAE, which he subsequently rejected", stressing that all the leaders working with the Emirates became hostages in the UAE.

Al-Hassani added that the guards of the Emirates ' prisons in Aden are "Colombian mercenaries who are guarding the UAE officers and supervising the prisons run by Emirates."

"Inmates in the prisons were subjected to the inhuman treatment by  Emiratis, including the introduction of iron machines in their genitals, the stripping of some of them and the threat of rape," he said, noting that many prisoners had been beaten.

"The Emirati soldiers are investigating the prisoners while they are naked and in shameful positions, and they are stripping prisoners of clothes on suspicion of having a phone," he said.

As for the secret prisons, he said that there were secret prisons in the "Assab " and the House of the security director Shallal Saye’a, and in the Al-Anad brigade and "Ras Abbas " and a floating ship in the sea and at Al Rayan Airport in Hadramawt.

The former detainee in the UAE prisons in Aden spoke about the possession of information revealing that 42 people died under torture, and said: "I will reveal later how they died and who killed them and their names, and I will reveal all information about them."

(Part of a list of prisoners who have been liquidated in prisons)

Adel al-Hassani was released on 26 April 2018 from Bir Ahmed Prison about two years after being abducted and forcibly hidden, and al-Hassani was among a group of detainees transferred from the new Bir Ahmed Prison to the Arab coalition camp in Al-Buriqah, which was run by the UAE following heightened tensions in the prison, where detainees were then executed an open food strike.

Local and international interaction. and denying

The Association of Mothers of abductees in Aden adopted the case of abducted and forcibly hidden persons and organized several events demanding the disclosure of the fate of their relatives as well as filing of lawsuits that forced the elimination of the directive to release scores of abductees, and in conjunction with the release of some the media dealt covered the crimes that are being committed in these prisons and it is up to the request of members of the United States Congress, the defense minister to open an investigation into allegations of the management of the UAE forces to secret prisons in Yemen.

The US Associated Press quoted lawmakers requests to the defense minister to investigate the torture of detainees in Yemen, which was uncovered by the Associated Press and Human Rights Watch on Thursday.

Human Rights Watch and the Associated Press have issued reports, accusing the UAE of running secret prisons in Yemen and exposing prisoners to torture, and called on Amnesty International to urgently investigate the matter, which led the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and international cooperation to deny What was published in reports of the presence of secret prisons in southern Yemen, managed by the UAE forces, said in a statement: "What is reported in the report is totally untrue."

The ministry said the reports were "political bids, through which the coup militias and parties affected by the efforts of the Arab coalition in  fighting terrorist organizations and discredit the coalition."

International human rights organizations revealed that there were at least eight secret prisons in Aden, Al-Mukalla, Socotra, and Hadramawt in southern Yemen, which were run by military formations outside the control of the Yemeni authority, and said: "These formations are supervised by Emirati forces."

The UAE has pressed the Yemeni government to take a stance on these cases, which led deputy Interior Minister Maj. Gen. Ali Nasser Lakhsha’a to explain that all prisons follow the ministry and there is no existence of secret prisons either in Aden or Hadramawt, calling on the media to transfer the truth as it is for public opinion without fictitious.

The Deputy Minister of the Interior praised the services provided by the supervisors of the Bir Ahmed Prison Correctional Centre and thanked the United Arab Emirates for providing support and possibilities to the Ministry of Interior in all its apparatuses.

Association of Victims of Assassinations

Last Thursday morning (December 13th), the families of the victims of assassinations announced the establishment of “Association of Families of Victims of assassinations" in the southern interim capital of Aden, and called on the families of the assassinations victims to carry out their legal and legitimate duty to search for the killers and those behind them and bring them to justice.

The association also called on all those who are interested in truth and justice, foremost among them local and international human rights organizations, media professionals, lawyers, and opinion leaders, to stand by them, assist and advocate in their cause, which is the cause of society as a whole.

At the ceremony, the Chairman of the Preparatory Committee, engineer Khalid Mohammed Saad, the brother of the martyr Maj. Gen. Jafar Mohammed Saad, confirmed that the aim of the association is to seek the truth and nothing else, explaining that the association is open to all families of victims.


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